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Lets take a walk through a journey of time and how its connected to our productivity as young professionals. You will agree with me that we undertake numerous tasks in a week which rarely translate to motivating success.   We will also learn key words of the week, CRAFT that enables us create a positive self image.   Lastly we have an ongoing registration of the STEP OUT – coaching and mentoring programme. Be sure to get a free taster.

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Young Professionals Do During the Week

Every professional is looking for ways of leveraging their hard earned skills with the available time at their disposal. There is always a constant rush within a week to beat deadlines, socialize and at the end of the week to review the outcome(s) achieved.

A highly productive day seems unrealistic, however it is something that can be achieved and indeed its not rocket science.

I want to share a personal story. As a young professional, I was always passionate, energetic and raring to go. I used to love meetings since they offered a platform to share ideas, design action and enlist support. But after sometime, I started dreading these meetings and always looked for excuses not to attend. This wasn’t helping as such and a solution had to be found and a fast solution for that. Therefore I quickly decided one day to explore ways I could harness my productivity.

The results were shocking and compelling at the same time.   Let me share with you what you can do to have a productive week, always.

  1. Break Monday Blues – each Monday seems a day which everyone can avoid if there was a way to do just that. However have you ever asked yourself what will happen if Monday was still a weekend and Tuesday was the start day to work? You will have the same result; you will feel de-motivated, tired and any other negative feeling will take tool. I found the secret for a productive Monday or whatever day you start a new week depended on how well you rested. Personally I used to take a nap on a Sunday afternoon and Monday blues vanished! Monday blues is also an attitude disease which you can compel your mind to adjust.
  2. Visualise your day –  step out of bed each day by seeing how your day will plan or work out, then take a deep breath and plunge into the day.
  3. Work in blocks – start you day by creating ‘a to do list’, then afterwards commit to work in blocks of minutes. You can start with 45minutes without distraction and build to what I would recommend, blocks of 90 minutes maximum. This will create a habit that will enable you perform faster in the pursuit of productivity.
  4. Use the Paletos principle – am sure you have heard of the 80/20 rule. Examine what it means to you. Identify tasks out of your to do list that give you 80% results and stick to that.
  5. Take breaks – in between running through and working through your tasks, ensure that you take breaks in between. This is for two purposes; one is to break monotony, secondly to relax the body and lastly to briefly evaluate your performance.
  6. Practice time integrity – personally time is an important asset to me and so should it be you. I get worked going for agreed meetings and the person I have gone to meet either shows up late with no apologies or doesn’t show up at all. Time = Integrity, therefore do not promise what you cant deliver and commit to your word
  7. Celebrate – finally celebrate, yourself, your work and your family! Why do you need to wait till Friday to celebrate? Reward yourself for each work accomplished.


CRAFT is the key word

“Creating a New Self-Image”

C-ancel (old, negative data)

R-eplace (it with new, positive data)

A-ffirm (your new image to yourself)

F-ocus (on an image of a successful you)

T-rain (yourself for lasting change)


Invite for STEP OUT Mentoring Programme Taster

You are welcome for a free taster of our newly launched

STEP OUT – Coaching and Memtoring Programme

Call/text Bikundo NOW on;

tel 0721-339 389 or 0731-339 389 or email bikundo@andekenya.co.ke


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Welcome to another weekly inspiring issue.

This week we highlight;

  1. Why coaching and mentoring for Young Professionals is crucial moving forward
  2. Invite for STEP OUT mentoring programme taster


This week queries continued to arise on the importance of coaching & mentoring and why its crucial for the young professionals.  There are a couple of benefits and I wish to highlight on 4 key ones.   Hope they challenge you to take up a programme in mentoring and coaching.

  1. Professional Satisfaction

I am a strong advocate for know thyself as you seek to serve and grow others. Mentoring and coaching programmes help new employees adjust to the organizational structure and culture, which helps the business by bringing new employees up to speed. You get to grow personally which is vital in order for the organization to be able to benefit from your value.

     2.    Employee Morale

Mentoring generally helps boost employee morale and engagement. Increased morale has a multiplier effect on organizational productivity and career development.

     3.   Employee Growth and Development

Coaching and mentoring programmes provide the mentee with real world knowledge that bridges the gap between educational theory and actual business practices. They provide a practical and hands on experience that has an immediate impact on the mentee.

     4.    Organisational Goals

Employees who can align their goals with those of the business they are with have a competitive edge.   Through mentoring, employees can take advantage of working on their weak areas so as to be able to play a part in the achievement of organizational goals.


Invite for STEP OUT Mentoring Programme Taster

You are welcome for a free taster of our newly launched

STEP OUT – Coaching and Memtoring Programme

to be held this Sat 25th May 2013,

2pm at 1st Floor, Luttas Plaza along Chiromo Lane off Ojijo Road.

Call/text Bikundo NOW on tel 0721-339 389 or 0731-339 389 or email bikundo@andekenya.co.ke


By andekenyaltd


Hello Friends.  aNDe Kenya welcomes you back to our blog…

In this issue, we would like to introduce you to MENTORSHIP;

  • What not to expect from a mentor
  • Introduction to our Mentorship & Coaching Programme



As you make up your mind whether to work with a mentor or coach as a young professional, let’s focus on making sure your expectations are realistic as you partner with your mentor this year and beyond. Young Professionals…

  1. Should not expect their mentors to replace their manager:  Your mentor is not a replacement for your manager, rather your mentor is an additional resources who wants to help you strive for excellence as you work towards achieving the objectives that your manager has set for you.
  2. Should not expect their mentor to become their new best friend: Infact, you should not expect that your mentor becomes a friend at all. Treat your mentor as an objective resource that can give you the real information you need to become a better person and professional. Mentors are supposed to say things you don’t want to hear and challenge you – something your friends rarely do if you are like most people.
  3. Should not expect their mentor to tell them what to do:   Your mentor does not have all the answers. Even if they did, it would not be their job to just give them to you. Mentors are meant to guide, not determine and implement solutions to your problems.
  4. Should not expect mentors to drive the relationship:  The mentoring relationship is primarily about you, which means you need to drive the focus of the meeting. It certainly does not hurt for the mentor to suggest some possible topics here or there, but the primary role of setting the course of discussions should be led by you as a mentee. By driving the relationship you make it easier on the mentor to stay energized and committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Looking forward to meet you in my mentoring and coaching programme, STEP OUT!


STEP OUT  ~ A Young Professionals Coaching and Mentoring Programme

A 6-Weeks-Course for young professionals who are smart & ambitious, go-getters and high achievers who are keen to create a dynamic and inspiring life. If you feel stuck, frustrated or at crossroads this programme if for you.

The programme assists young professionals to develop a concrete vision for their lives and equips them with practical skills and experiences to actualize their goals. Such skills include personal mastery, the art of networking, relationship building, high performance and turning an idea into a concrete project.


You will be able to;

  • Do work that you love and enjoy
  • Work at a job that fulfills you
  • Get into the right job
  • Earn high income
  • Gain clarity and confidence
  • Have a personal road map and



Call/text Bikundo NOW on 0721-339 389 or email  bikundo@andekenya.co.ke



Bikundo Onyari is a mentor and coach for young professionals who are ambitious, smart, go getters and high achievers who are keen to create a dynamic and inspiring life.


By andekenyaltd

Don’t Just SAY IT!

Happy New Year Everyone.

For many of you, 2012 ended on a high and were quick to make resolutions for 2013.  To others, ending the year was something that was “long overdue”.  Regardless of all these, we are all here and 2013 has officially kicked in.


Are You

  • …the kind that always follows the tide to wherever the year takes you?
  • …an ardent “Verbal Planner” who ends up getting nothing accomplished?
  • …a zealous planner who follows your plan to the later?
  • …Or you are simply a mix of all the above or don’t know what’s going on?

Here is our take…

Instead of verbally planning to do tens of things by December 2013, consider planning, in writing, in small batches.  Say for instance, what do you want to accomplish by April 2013?  And how will you know when you get there or even don’t get toyour set plan?

Many of you have heard and/or know about GOAL SETTING.  Just like doing monthly budgets, the aspect of Goal Setting can never be over emphasized, we can never tire to talk about it and will always be relevant.  So if you have grasped the hang of it, then get to work.  If not, CALL US.  Let us walk you through it and believe me, its a decision you will never regret making, and not just for this year, but for many years to come.  GOAL SETTING is a tool that works magic both individually and corporately.

Set your goals wisely.

By andekenyaltd


Special Training Offer!!

Work harder…. Work smarter… But; unless you find a way to work more productively, you’ll never reach your maximum potential. The good news is, you already possess incredible productivity power!

aNDe Kenya is offering your organization the opportunity to review your staff performance so far, support you to cultivate the techniques and skills that are guaranteed to make your organization highly productive in the remainder of the year and further inspire you to start 2013 on the right footing.

For this last quarter, we shall assist your team:

  • Rediscover their innate potential by assessing where they are at and supporting them set exciting goals to keep them focused and boost productivity in 2013.
  • Effortlessly connect with self and others through effective presentation skills.
  • Recognize priorities and have realistic self expectations

When you increase your personal productivity,

You’ll lighten your workload,

You’ll accomplish more in less time,

You’ll meet less resistance and experience less stress.

You’ll join the ranks of the highly productive people who get things done!

Seize the opportunity…Contact Us!


By andekenyaltd


Working in a dynamic team can be demanding and challenging at the same time. More so if you are dealing with young professionals who have just joined the work force and expect to deliver and climb up the corporate ladder.  This however does not mean  you are off track from where you want to go.

Here are some tips that can assist you create a successful team:

  • Start right – when a staff member joins your team, give them time to become fully acclimatized to your company. The sooner they settle, the sooner you can start to reap rewards.
  • Create expectations – strange as it may sound, some employees do not have a clear sense of their role. Such confusion can cause arguments, or even duplication or omission of tasks leading to poor productivity.
  • Stand back – Part of empowering your team is trusting they can get on with the job without you peering over their shoulder every fifteen minutes. If you want staff members to flourish, they should be allowed to get on with their job. Of course you need to keep a watchful eye, but there is a happy medium where they know you trust them. Your team is more likely to over-perform if they feel good about what they are doing.
  • Communication – effective communication is the lifeblood of any organization, regardless of its size. That may mean face-to-face talks or pinning notes on a board. Provided your team knows what’s going on, you are being an effective leader. Try asking your team how they prefer communication to happen.
  • Consultation – effective consultation is a vital tool to improving performance. Your team members have specific roles. Your collective overview may be more knowledgeable, but there may be team members whose specific knowledge is greater than yours. Asking for their opinion is not weak; it is sensible, and it serves to empower that team member.
  • Training – training is a boon if it is relevant to the team members receiving it. You are guaranteed to alienate staff by sending them on courses that bear no relevance to their role. Training for the sake of training is counter-productive. Training must be organized and delivered effectively or you should not commit to it in the first place.
  • Continuous Staff Appraisals – review performance of your staff on a regular basis. Put in place a system in place for undertaking regular reviews.
By andekenyaltd


This past week, an industry leader was delivering a speech and this short phrase caught my attention:

stop thinking inside or outside the box,

throw away the box and explore

This reminded me of what we talk about in our trainings:  CREATIVE THINKING.  We are often told to think outside the box.  However, have you ever wondered how broad your thinking would be if you threw away the box all together.  That way, you would not be tempted to peep into the box thus limiting yourself.  As a result of being used to the “box”, many a times we find ourselves confined in situations we need not be confined in, either because we are used to the status quo, or we just don’t want to be creative enough.

Taking time to weigh available options, the exciting routes you can take to reach your destination and get walking would usher you into a world of great opportunities.   Ever wondered what drives the people who come up with innovations that remain to be talked about throughout generations?  I believe they were creative thinkers.

I still wonder why Steve Jobs for instance decided to use an apple that has been bitten.  Why didn’t he use the whole apple?

Here is our challenge to you.  The next time you are faced with a situation, or when carrying out your regular tasks, add some zest to it, think creatively on different ways it can be done.  Add some pomp and color in your act.   Make you life, work, world… a joy by creatively living it.

By andekenyaltd

aNDe Re-Branded!

Its exactly one year now since we begun our journey to re-brand aNDe Kenya.   Initially known to many as aNDE COACHING KENYA,   we now go by the name aNDe Kenya hence our new look logo.

Along with the new look, we have streamlined our menu to the following items;

  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Team Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Management
  • Corporate Communication Support

We consider this a part of our growth, a change to serve you better and effectively hence our key partnership with Genesis Consult Ltd, which brings about an even richer menu for our esteemed clients

Businesses are NOT immune to mistakes, challenges and unforgettable lessons—We have had our share of these, big time!  We look back and are thankful for the many lessons learnt, and the experiences we had and for sure, we are now a stronger, better team!

We are here to serve you, to enrich the person within, to enrich your organization.  As we serve you; Enrich us by giving us your feedback.

By andekenyaltd

The Art of Vision Boarding

All organizations have, or are believed to have, a vision.   In many cases, this is conceived by the initiator/founder of the business.  It is however important, and beneficial, to the organization if everyone is aware of the vision.  Interestingly, as spot check among a few organizations revealed that most people, even senior staff, did not know what their organization vision.

This past year, of the many things that have worked for us was developing a Vision Board.

Wonder what this is? 

Well, its simply putting our organizations vision on paper and by this not just with words but with pictures, landmarks that you can look at and see how your organization will look like or will have achieved in X-Years.  Although its not as easy doing it, it does work.

Looking at our Vision Board now, we have not yet hit our target 100%, however, much ground has been covered.  The exciting thing being that soon as we had our board in place, we begun to realize how strategies where falling in place in relation to what we envisioned on the board.  Its simply amazing.

So, here is out tip for you as we evaluate this first half of 2012: 

Draw your Vision!! 

By andekenyaltd

The Kenya Youth Coaching Forum (KYCF)

Our Coaching Forum has in the past year gained momentum, this with regular members who have faithfully attended the sessions and speak of the benefit thereof.

Held every 2nd Saturday of the Month, we address various issues, from personal development, to social media to business growth.  We have also developed a culture of peer  coaching in each of our sessions.   Among many goal setting models— the 100 Days Challenge, has borne fruit for many and disciplined such to adhere to setting tangible goals.

Not only do we offer our services for free but we also bring in external speakers as well as allow you to suggest topics to be discussed.

Grow with us by being a part of these enlightening sessions.

By andekenyaltd